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1) QUALITY. In our online store you will find the best typical Calabrian food products from the most important and appreciated quality Calabrian food companies. Find out more by browsing the various categories you find on the menu to your left.

2) COMPLETENESS. You can buy over 150 typical Calabrian products with a click, including many DOP and IGP di Calabria; try for example the capocollo of Calabria, the soppressata of Calabria, the caciocavallo, the pecorino crotonese DOP, the figs of Cosenza DOP, the liquorice of Calabria DOP, the torrone of Bagnara IGP, the 'nduja, the guanciale, the cheeses of Pollino, the ricotta smoked crotonese, the salted ricotta, the red onion from Tropea Calabria IGP, the bergamot from Reggio Calabria and many other products of gastronomic excellence from all 5 provinces of Calabria: Cosenza, Catanzaro, Crotone, Vibo Valentia and Reggio Calabria.

3) BRAND. We have invested so much in our brand, and in fact you can buy over 80 exceptional Calabrian products under the Gusti Del Sole brand, of which many are DOP and IGP or have a PDO or an IGP as an ingredient.

4) EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA. Give Calabrian specialties to a loved one! Send directly to the birthday party with a customizable gift card.

5) PACKAGING. We take the utmost care in packaging: all glass products are covered with abundant bubble wrap, and we use synthetic ice and thermal bags to preserve the quality of cold cuts and cheeses.

6) ASSISTANCE. Support via email to and on Messenger chat.

7) MORE THAN 1000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. Join over a thousand people who usually enjoy our products from half of Europe.

8) BOX AND BLOG. If you are undecided about what to buy, buy one of the typical Calabrian food selections we have prepared for you: you can find them on the "Box" page. Moreover, we suggest you to go and see the many recipes of Calabrian dishes that we have put online, you can find them in the section of the site "Blog".

9) SHIPMENT. We ship all these exceptional and handmade typical Calabrian products throughout Italy and in other 9 European countries: Germany, France, England, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia and Luxembourg. Receive the best typical products of Calabria in Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, London, Paris, Berlina, Amsterdam and in half of Europe!

10) SAFETY. 100% secure payments with Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards or debit cards, bank transfers, Paypal, Sofort and MyBank.