Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP al tartufo
  • Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP al tartufo
  • Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP al tartufo Pirro
  • Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP al tartufo retro

Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP with truffle

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5 reasons to buy this balsamic vinegar from Modena IGP with black truffle of Calabria 100 ml:

1) HEALTHY PROPERTIES. Both balsamic vinegar and Calabria black truffles have antioxidant and digestive properties. This product also helps control insulin, helps metabolism, improves heart health and reduces blood pressure.

2) IT MIXES 2 ITALIAN GREAT PRODUCTS. The balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP and the black truffle of Calabria.

3) SUPER TASTY. A seasoning that maximizes the flavor of your dishes.

4) YOU CAN USE IT IN MANY WAYS. Perfect for seasoning salads, appetizers, fruit and desserts.

5) IGP CERTIFICATE. The Protected Geographical Indication certificate guarantees the quality of the product.


Both balsamic vinegar and Calabria black truffles are rich in antioxidants and help the digestive system. As if that were not enough, in this product the black truffle brings some of its own benefits such as helping to produce collagen and aphrodisiac effects. Balsamic vinegar then brings its own benefits, such as improved blood sugars, help with metabolism, reduced blood pressure, prevention of heart disease, and natural pain effects. In short, this is a good, special and very healthy product. 


Here's a short video of the brand's presentation Pirro.

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Data sheet

Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP 66%, sugar, summer truffle juice of Calabria 8%, aroma, dried Calabria summer truffle 0.01%
How to use it
Perfect for salads, appetizers, fruit and desserts
How to store it
Store in a cool, dry place
Nutritional information per 100 ml
Energy 319 Kcal, Total Fats 0, Saturated Fats 0, Carbohydrates 79.6, Sugars 77.9, Protein 0.1, Salt 0
Province of Calabria
Black Truffle

Gusti Del Sole

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