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Box Bontà Calabresi 9 Prodotti Gusti Del Sole

Box Calabrian Goodness 9 Products

Gusti Del Sole
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3 reasons to buy our Box Bontà Calabresi 9 Products:

1) CHARACTERISTIC FLAVORS OF 9 PRODUCTS SYMBOL OF CALABRIA. The caciocavallo that melts in your mouth, the strong and pungent taste of soppressata, the aromatic taste of licorice, the sweetness of chocolate figs ... how do you resist?

2) PERFECT TO GIVE OR TO GIVE. What more appreciated gift than a mix of the best Calabrian products of excellence? Sent directly to the birthday party with a customizable greeting card.

3) PERFECTLY PACKED. All glass products are well packed with bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking. The cured meats and cheeses, on the other hand, are shipped in a thermal bag with synthetic ice, to preserve 100% quality during shipping.

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There are many Calabrians who have unfortunately left this wonderful land to live in other parts of Italy. If you are from Calabria and you are also an emigrant from the mother earth, we can say that this box fits you perfectly. Strengthen your "calabresità" and let your non-Calabrian friends try our best food products. You'll see that you'll make a great impression!

But this box is also perfect for those who simply love Calabrian typical products, even if they are not from Calabria. And maybe he wants to give them away (or give them away for the sweet tooth) and enjoy them in all their exceptional taste. In Calabria about these products it is said: once you have eaten them, you will look forward to having them back! This box currently represents our average gift box for price and number of excellences: in the box page you will find the cheapest gift box and our top of the range gift box. Choose the one you prefer based on your needs. This box is available in limited quantities: don't miss it!


This box was also reviewed by an important Italian food influencer, the creator of the Instagram Piatti Tipici page, a page that today has over 200,000 followers. Below is the review of the box, which is perfect for you to see exactly how the products will arrive!


Data sheet

How to use it
Perfect to give away! But also great to taste for yourself or with your family
How to store it
Store the meats and cheeses in the fridge, the other products in a cool, dry place
Ingredient DOP or IGP
Province of Calabria
Gitft Box

Gusti Del Sole

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