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Adoption Clementine - Clementine 11 kg

Adotta Un Clementino
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3 reasons to adopt a clementine and receive 11 kg net of Clementine of Corigliano Rossano:

1) EASY. Adopt your own clementine tree, you will receive certificate of adoption, photos of the tree and when the tree fruits you will receive your clementines! (More info in the description below).

2) GREAT GIFT IDEA. What could be more romantic than giving the adoption of a clementine?!

3) A FRUIT WITH A THOUSAND BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES. Anti aging, it is good for sight, skin, muscles, it is calming, it is refreshing and promotes circulation.



Here's everything you need to know about this adoption contract, which you can sign up to in just a few clicks here on Taste of the Sun! First, you need to know that clementine is a typical Calabrian fruit that is a hybrid between a tangerine and a bitter orange. The clementines of Calabria are also protected by the IGP certificate, however the best clementines in the world not only those generic GP, but those of Corigliano Rossano that you find in this product sheet.

The only problem with clementines is that it is a fruit that is available for very few months a year: only from mid-November to the end of February. To work around this problem, the company Adopt a Clementine he thought of a brilliant idea! At any time of the year, you can adopt or give an adoption of a clementine tree. You will receive the adoption certificate, photos of the tree and you can ask for all the information you want about your adopted tree. Finally, in mid-November, when the tree will bear fruit, you will receive your 11 kg of the best clementines in the world!


1) Every now and then it can happen that for climatic reasons the first clementines are available not just in mid-November, but a little later... In this case you will have to be patient to have the best possible product!

2) In any case, by adopting a clementine you can choose the day when you receive the clementines in the period between mid-November and the end of February! So if, for example, you want to get them on a particular day... you can do it!

3) In any case, once the adoption is complete you will receive all the support you want and we will answer all your questions!


Finally, here's a very short video from Youtube which presents the clementines of Corigliano Rossano.


Data sheet

Clementine by Corigliano Rossano
How to use it
It uses as a super healthy snack, at breakfast, in sweets, in cakes, with pumpkin, with salads and for fillings
How to store it
Store in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator
Nutritional information per 100 g
Energy Kcal 37, Total Fats 0.1, Saturated Fats 0, Carbohydrates 8.7, Sugars 8.7, Fiber 1.2, Protein 0.9
Province of Calabria

Gusti Del Sole

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Super mais prix transport hors Italie Trop cher
Nous avons finalement dû renoncer à cette partie de la commande car habitant la France le prix du transport était trop important ! Nous restons cependant très content des prestations du site.
Che idea fantastica
L'ho regalato alla mia fidanzata, che è rimasta super contenta...e le clementine sono veramente una bomba!

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