The two adjectives that best describe me are "curious" and "stubborn". I never stop studying, testing, experimenting and learning. When I set goals I do everything humanly possible to achieve them ... maybe sometimes going to be overly stubborn.

In Gusti Del Sole I deal with SEO and Web Marketing. Which are big words to say that all the texts you read, all the promotions you see, and anything related to the site ... came from me. Then I try to coordinate the work among all the actors regarding the web part.

I am a former Bocconi, which makes me automatically annoying to everyone (but only at first glance!). I have had work and study experiences in London and Rotterdam, both in small and large corporations.

In addition to being one of the founding members of Gusti Del Sole, I create websites and work as an SEO & Digital Marketing consultant for other companies.



The people I dislike are saying that I'm too precise and fussy, the ones I like the most say they are very funny and generous. Maybe both things are true!

In Gusti Del Sole I mainly deal with the administrative part. I also take care of the project management of Gusti Del Sole at 360 °, which means that I put dykes and above all order to all the crazy ideas of this team of rowdy ... otherwise there would be anarchy!

I am an accountant by profession, and my most loyal customers say that I follow their companies as if I were their partner.



By profession I am a web designer, a photographer and a graphic designer. In Gusti Del Sole I take care of all the graphic part, I take all the photographs and I take care of everything concerning the visual and aesthetic part of the site and the products.

I always try to give my clients the graphical output that best suits them and in the shortest possible time, be it a job in the web, in the photographic field or in the field of creating a logo.



Today people define my work as "food influencer". In fact, I am the founder and manager of the "Piatti Tipici" Instagram page, which today has over 200,000 passionate followers to whom I send all my love. We can say that as a job "I make people want to eat ..." and I must say that I like this definition a lot! I also write on my blog

In Gusti Del Sole I manage social networks, both the Instagram page and the Facebook page, and I write all the recipes you see in the blog section ... have you already put follow and like? I'm waiting for you on the social pages and on the blog of Gusti Del Sole!