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Olio EVO al bergamotto bio 250 ml
  • Olio EVO al bergamotto bio 250 ml
  • Olio EVO al bergamotto bio 250 ml La Molazza
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Organic Bergamot Oil 250 ml

La Molazza
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4 reasons to buy this extra virgin olive oil organic bergamot:

1) ORIGINAL TASTE OF CALABRIAN BERGAMOT. This product combines the highest quality extra virgin olive oil with the characteristic flavor of bergamot, for a unique seasoning.

2) STRONG FLAVOR. Perfect for seasoning light dishes, especially those made with vegetables.

3) 100% BIOLOGICAL CERTIFICATE. Guarantee of the total absence of comlikes and pesticides.

4) MANY BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES. Anti-cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-aging and anti-cardiovascular diseases product.


Bergamot is also called "the enemy of cholesterol", since it is a fruit that according to the latest research almost works wonders against cholesterol. In this product, the anti-cholesterol properties of bergamot are added to those of Calabrian organic EVO oil; The many mono-unsaturated fats of this oil, in fact, help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, to prevent tumors, and to slow down aging and reduce the chance of having heart attacks and strokes. Add to this the fact that the product is organic: it buys a very good, particular and healthy oil.


Here is a short informative video about organic food.


Data sheet

Organic olives 70%, organic bergamot 30%
How to use it
Ideal for seasoning vegetables and light dishes
How to store it
Store in a cool, dry place
Nutritional information per 100 ml
Energy 852 Kcal, Total Fats 91.6, Saturated Fats 14, Carbohydrates less than 0.1, Sugars less than 0.1, Protein less than 0.1, Salt less than 0.1
Organic product
Province of Calabria

Gusti Del Sole

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