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Olio EVO al mandarino bio 250 ml
  • Olio EVO al mandarino bio 250 ml
  • Olio EVO al mandarino bio 250 ml La Molazza
  • Olio EVO al mandarino bio 250 ml retro

Organic Mandarin Oil 250ml

La Molazza
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4 reasons to buy this extra virgin olive oil organic mandarin:

1) USE IT IN MANY RECIPES. It is perfect for churning out delicious cakes and biscuits, but also for cooking delicate dishes such as tangerine scallops or tangerine quayl; Moreover, it is an oil that goes very well with meats and cheeses.

2) DELICATE AND GENUINE TASTE. Thanks to the contemporary milling of organic olives and mandarins, the flavor remains genuine.

3) 100% ORGANIC. Absolute absence of comlikes and pesticides.

4) MANY BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES. In addition to the healthy properties of bio, this EVO oil is a cure-all against aging; In addition, it helps fight high cholesterol, prevents cardiovascular disease and is an anti-tumor.


Mandarin is a fruit with many beneficial properties: it fights cellulite, is rich in vitamins, promotes sleep and regulates the intestines. In this oil, these properties are to be added to the benefits of organic EVO oil, such as anti-cancer and anti-aging actions, cardiovascular disease prevention and high cholesterol prevention. In addition, the product is certified organic. 


Here is now a short informative video about organic food.

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Data sheet

Organic olives 70%, organic mandarin 30%
How to use it
Use it on sweets, biscuits, meat and cheese
How to store it
Store in a cool, dry place
Nutritional information per 100 ml
Energy 852 Kcal, Total Fats 91.6, Saturated Fats 14, Carbohydrates less than 0.1, Sugars less than 0.1, Protein less than 0.1, Salt less than 0.1
Organic product
Province of Calabria

Gusti Del Sole

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